1st Feb- Stable News












A stunning morning on the downs this morning with owners , Jeremy Hulme, Sandy Clark and Dianne Broad.  They came to see there horses ” Katie” (pet name as she is  un named , soon to be named ) “Brown Bear”, Swift Native and “Lily” ( un named 4 yrd old filly).  They certainly picked the best weather!!

Brown Bear is full of the joys  at the moment,  but as all you know he wants a bit better ground , so we are keeping him ticking over, but he was taking a keen hold today.  Swift Native is just having a month of cantering before we step up her work and Lily is progressing very nicely ( related to Oliver Sherwoods ,Deputy Dan), having just turned four.  She is doing two canters every day and starting to go upsides as well. Katie Jeremy Hulme’s stunning big 4 year old filly by “Robin des Champs” is just doing one canter at the moment, but will soon be stepping up too.

Lots of young blood to look forward to , even Brown Bear is still young !!

We celebrated having a lot to look forwards to with a glass of fizz!!