17th July – Stable News













Stable News- looking forward to the season ahead !

Well I hope you are all enjoying the weather!! We have about 12 of our horses back in now with shoes on and starting light ridden work.  The ground is so dry everywhere and the grass is slowly starting to turn brown, so we will be bring the rest of the horses in over the next week.  I hate to say it but we do need a bit of rain !!  may be just at night .  The horses are ready to come back in now and start to follow you to the gate when we go to check them.

All the stables have been painted and steam cleaned, we are having a bit of building work done on part of the old main yard ( by Pat and Cobby, that funnily used to ride out for Josh !!)  .  Any fencing is being repaired, all the 3 year olds have been broken in and there will be news of a few new exciting syndicates very soon, so watch this space.

Even the office has been painted …thank you Martin.  All the stable doors are now being painted after any repairs have been done.  This all happens every summer.  The lads are all taking it in terms at having there 5 weeks holiday.  Our gallops man is currently back home in the Ukraine .  We have some brilliant new staff starting including Jack who has spent 5 years in Lambourn and has ridden as a flat jockey and ” Alex Poulton” ( Jamie Poulton’s son).    Martin Edwards has retired to the sun and we wish him a happy retirement.  Heather who has played a huge part in breaking all the youngsters this summer has gone to try a new career out of horses, but she is going to still come in and ride one lot to keep her toe in.  So its all change, fresh starts, new beginnings and new horses.

We are also in the process of researching a new all weather surface.  We put the current one in not that long ago but with the wear and tear, it is has lost most of its wax and needs moisture.  So it still is perfectly serviceable through the winter when we have damp/rain and moisture but does get dusty and loose in the summer.  If we were using it in the summer we would run a sprinkler over it like the racecourses/other trainers do,  as the moisture really holds it together.  So we are looking at a carpet fibre mix as a surface, which does not freeze.   There are two options, it can be mixed with the current gallop, but this would still need moisture and may freeze in extreme temperatures or we could just take up the whole of the old surface and put a new membrane down and put just the carpet fibre mix down.   Martin Keighly has this surface, there is a great video on his website.  Alan King and Emma Lavelle have also recently done the same.  So its a big decision and huge expense.  We have the guys that did Martin Keighly’s gallop coming in next Wednesday to look at that as an option, but also to quote for a cost to re wax the current surface.  So thats exciting, there is not yet the perfect gallop out there, it is something that is always evolving.  As a small trainer, it is such a huge consideration as there is no return on investment, so we need to get it right !!  Thankfully we have amazing grass gallops too and a large outdoor school.

Swift Native is going to have a wind operation, she has been so disappointing and we just think there must be a reason, we have had her over land scoped and it was not hugely significant but enough to try it and then at least we have not left any stone unturned.

We are also looking at buying a new horse box for the coming season but will continue to use Keirsten and ‘Horsemove” as they are brilliant.

“Didtheyleaveyououtto” is due to come back at the end of the month from Ireland, so here is to an exciting season ahead !!

Lots of change and lots of exciting horses and a great team to kick off the proper NH season early Autumn !